The monthly traffic feature, which is sometimes also called bandwidth or data transfer, refers to the total amount of information which is uploaded to your website hosting account and downloaded from it each month. The website traffic is produced predominantly by site visits - every time somebody visits your web site, the webpages they see are downloaded from the hosting server to his or her machine or mobile device and they're shown by the browser. What counts for the site traffic produced is the size of these webpages, thus the more website visitors you get for a period of time, the more web site traffic will be generated. In addition to the web site visits, file uploads are also counted towards the total monthly transfer this means that any time you upload website content or other files with a file manager or an FTP application, they'll also generate some traffic. The counter resets on the first day of each month and it is not related to the date you have registered and the date you've renewed the web hosting plan.
Monthly Traffic in Website Hosting
We have selected all the characteristics of our website hosting plansin such a way, so as to facilitate the development of every web site hosted on our innovative cloud platform. The site traffic that your account can generate is not an exception, therefore with a website hosting package from us, you will not have to worry about the volume of content being transferred to and from your account at any time. You can host various small-scale and medium-sized web sites and ensure that the monthly traffic allowance won't be a setback for their development. In addition, we supply you with detailed hourly, daily and monthly stats which will give you additional info about the site traffic that a given web site produces or which particular page/file is being downloaded the most and produces the most traffic. This kind of information will help you plan the management of your sites and your marketing techniques better.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The monthly site traffic characteristic of our Linux semi-dedicated packages is unlimited, or as a number of companies describe it, unmetered. In fact, we monitor the volume of uploaded and downloaded content for each account, but we will never put a limit, so that your websites can grow and receive more site visitors. We only give you in-depth information what is going on in the account to give you an opportunity to manage your sites more efficiently and to have an idea how they perform. You will be able to observe the traffic generated by every single website along with the most downloaded web page or file. The results are monthly, daily and hourly. In the constantly-developing internet world, you'll be able to have numerous new visitors with just a single marketing campaign, therefore by providing a really unlimited package, we will guarantee that you won't lose potential customers for the reason that your account cannot handle the website traffic.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers Hosting
The Linux dedicated servers hosting packages that we provide include enormous traffic allowances that are enough for any kind of web site, even a video streaming portal or a well-liked online social network. Terabytes of site traffic will be at your disposal each month and the management panel that comes with each dedicated server will give you data what amount of data has been transferred already and what amount is available for the current month. To avoid service disruptions, we will let you know when you reach 90% of your allowance and you'll be able to either lessen the traffic generated by your sites by optimizing their content material, or you can increase the quota for your account. It is highly unlikely that you'll ever need such an improvement, however we prefer to leave this option open. The stats in that panel include the full traffic, in contrast to the information inside your hosting Control Panel where you can find just the traffic from websites, but not from server-side software downloads and / or updates.